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Love in responds

I was going through a friend's note on FB entitled love, and as I see it, it's quite clear he's been through a heartbreak. I don't claim to be an expert on LOVE, seeing as I've no experience in this area whatsoever, but this is just my personal opinion.

I think guys in general think that money is of up-most importance when it comes to a relationship. I would say it's true if the girls are really materialistic that way. But I don't feel that money is everything, it just helps alot. If I really wanted something, I'd get it myself, I don't NEED a guy to buy it for me. BUT it would mean a lot if the guy did buy it for me.

I believe what the Bible says about Love, that it is kind and patient. Anything that falls short of that, is not really love... Love itself is pure and born from God. It is man that makes it seem evil at times. If you find that true love, it will last forever.

I believe that when I find that someone, we will make each other want to be better people. There will be understanding through the fights, longing through separations, balance though the uncertainties. My special someone will Love God as much, if not more, as I love Him.

The guy that I'm talking about is a really nice guy, ambitious, good-looking and capable. It's sad that he had to meet and fall for a girl that couldn't see or appreciate those qualities. He's someone I'd date, though I don't think I'm his type... But I wish him all the best in achieving the goals he's set for himself.

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