I was enchanted to meet you...

Funny Pics from Vermont

Kung Fu!
Look! It's an obstacle!
We want You!
Sleeping in the Library? tsk tsk
we are under-aged. no drinking
you know you want me
I'm too sexy for this over-sized sweater that my friend wants to knife me
huge-ass burger with mountain dew
Lego Potter
drunk guys


Photos from Vermont:
Lake Champlain
Downtown Burlington, VT
Maple Tree
Highlander Area
Mount Madonna
Green Mountain Area
University of Vermont Library
University of Vermont
Christmas Eve Dinner 09
Footsteps in the snow
Up on the ski lifts

Mi Amigos y Amigas

Just thought I'd dedicate a special post to my chilean friends that meant so much to me, during my time in Vermont. They were the most lovable bunch you could ever meet! I miss them so much!
In no particular order:
My unofficial brother/father!
He saved me in times of difficulty. He is a gift from God!

My roommate and also Mario's girlfriend.
They are like my mother/father figure!
Made me go see a doctor when i was sick.
Used to go on shopping trips with them in their car.
Muchas Gracias!

My partner since day one!
My personal health guru, baker/cook extraordinarie and fellow cheapo!
All the countless shopping trips and bargain hunts.
Enthusiast to the max! I miss this girl! and working with her is always satisfying.

Fellow TaylorSwifty!
And also puppy lover!
All those times we would sing to Taylor's Fifteen while waiting on transport.

Soledad and Daniela!
They were the last 2 chileans with me to the end.
We went to NYC together! Without them, I probably wouldn't have gone anywhere.

Christmas with the gang!

So many other to mention : Connie, Nacho, Felipe, Felix, 2 Cristian, Mariana, Elvio, Gerado, and all the south africans, and those i forgot to mention.

All of them made my time memorable.


Yes I know I’ve been missing in action for way too long.
Well, that's cuz lots has happened to me since my last blog post....
First of all, my old blog has this stupid problem where it redirects you to some myspace music page, and I can't seem to fix it. So I had to go through with the idea of changing blogs.

As a continuation of my old blog, we left of at me reaching the US of A for my much awaited internship.
And now, I am currently back in Malaysia for some R&R.

Here are some stuff I wanted to write while still in Vermont:

Working life.... that's where I am right now. After 2 months or working as a housekeeping staff at Smuggler's Resort. Work has been tiring, but as long as i get my pay, I don't mind.

And well, I get kinda lazy after a hard day of cleaning up after people. With that, let me just say people can get really messy. And I don’t really wanna do much when I get back other than cooking (which I have no choice cuz I have to eat) , internet (reason for my sanity) and TV occasionally.

So anyways, here’s a quick update on the so far.

Me and the group!

I love my friends from Chile! They are an awesome bunch. It took me awhile to warm up to them, but we are like amigos now!I love them to death! and well, you all know no one can resist THIS face of moi! j/k

Me! the little boss! (that's what they call me) with my radio and all!

But the time has passed, misinterpretations were made, harsh words flew, tension rosed and incidence happened. All of which cannot be mended anymore. There were some good times and bad times, but we faced them all with our heads held high. Most of my friends left about 2 months before the due date, and I sincerely miss them all. I have a special album on facebook that is dedicated to them, the day you went away.

I will elaborate more when i feel like it, but for now... Welcome to the brand new Joyceolution!
I will personalize more in the future.... so stay tuned!