I was enchanted to meet you...

Swiftly Sailing

At the risk of being very Perasan, I'm going to show off a bit and tell you all about my Happy Days.
But well, this is my blog afterall so I can write wateva I want, and you still have to carry on reading! ... if you want la....

So yeah, I got to see Taylor Swift Live in Concert!!! At her first Speak Now World Tour show, in Singapore!!! For months I was trying to get a friend to go with me, but all in vail.... So i decided to go on my own!!! I only managed to get the cheapest tix, but the view turned out to be quite good. I bunked with one of my besties, who studies at NUS... Shh... no one needs to know...
Look at the line to the merchandise counter!

Finally here. So little stuff left, but managed to get me the booklet and the olive tour t-shirt!

Finally heading into the stadium!

I'm finally here!!! moments before the show.

I managed to record most of her performance and you can check them out at my youtube channel. I was so excited to be one of the first few ppl to upload the videos and that made so many ppl watch it! Never have i had 18k views on my videos!

It's Taylor! With Sparks Fly!

Fearless on the ukulele

Taylor is so awesome!
I'm so glad i got to watch the concert! Even though i was alone, i wouldn't change it for the anything.