I was enchanted to meet you...


I was just browsing through some of my friend's pictures and I came across an album of her trip to the lavender fields in the UK. The photos just looked beautiful and the thought just came to me... The lavender fields would be such a romantic and beautiful spot for a proposal.
I know, I'm a hopeless romantic and I get a lot of random thoughts, and perhaps, if i document these thoughts, perhaps someday... a certain someone will be able to read them to know my inner most thoughts.

Isn't it beautiful?

Think of it this way. A proposal in a field of lavender is not only simple and romantic. Imagine the smell that creates calm-ness, plus if the marriage works out, everytime the girl smells lavender, she will always think of that moment. It's the most wonderful feeling when a scent gives you a wave of memories, of the moment, of the feeling. Now THAT would be a wonderful proposal.

Though i wouldn't say no to one of those Musical Proposals you see on YouTube... :P

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